If you are looking to book a tour, please ensure that you visit our Becoming a Resident to learn about the Admission Process.

If you have a family member at Inglewood and have any questions or concerns, please see the following:

Director of Resident Services

All inquiries regarding resident care should be addressed to the Director of Resident Services for the appropriate community:

Office Hours

Lodge: 604-913-4735
Manor: 604-913-4715
Terraces: 604-913-4730

Evenings, Weekends and Holiday

Contact RN on Duty: 604-913-4739

Other Contacts:

Directory: 604-922-9394
Front Desk: 604-913-4737
Director of Care: 604-913-4722
Quality of Life Manager: 604-913-4707
Dietitian: 604-922-9394 ext 4713
Administrator: 604-913-4703

Concern about the Quality of Care

If you have questions or concerns about your own or your family member’s care, please contact the Director of Resident Services (DRS) in that unit (information above). It is best to talk about your concerns at the time and place they happen.

If you are uncomfortable talking to a Manager or you are unhappy about how your concerns were handled, you can talk to the Patient Care Quality Office. Please see link for more details.