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Visiting Inglewood

We welcome families to visit residents at Inglewood and kindly ask that if you are not feeling well to stay at home in order to protect the health of our residents.

Resident Safety

Support and well-being for Residents and Caregivers

What Our Residents Say
  • "Sunnyside Manor provides me with a lovely suite, all my meals and they clean my room every week and do my washing. I’ll be staying at Sunnyside for good – it is my best home ever!"


  • "I enjoy our impromptu musical sing-a-longs after brunch. I also enjoy the socializing and the good entertainment at Happy Hour."


  • "It's a great place to live and there are so many activities in which to take part in."


  • "Oh, I like the entertainment and the bus trips. It's all really nice and there is never a dull moment here."


  • "I like the atmosphere and the friendliness."