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July 12, 2018

Inglewood Resident and Family Members

On Thursday July 5, 2018 SimpeQ Care notified Inglewood Care Centre that they were terminating their care and support services contract effective October 16, 2018.

It is very important to Inglewood that the excellent care our residents currently receive should not be impacted by this change. As a result, Inglewood has informed potential service providers that in order to be awarded this contract they must agree to two conditions:

  1. The new service provider must agree to hire all existing SimpeQ employees at Inglewood Care Centre.
  2. They must take on the Hospital Employees Union (HEU) collective agreement currently in place.

By imposing these conditions it provides security to the staff knowing they will be retained and will continue to earn the same compensation and benefits as they do at present.

In addition, it will ensure that the same staff will provide the same care to the same residents and residents and families should not notice any changes.

We would like to thank SimpeQ Care who have provided such great care for our residents from August 2004 until February 2011 and again from June 2015 until present.

Nick Whittle, Administrator

Inglewood Care Centre


Each community has one or two recreation therapists who plan and create activities and events, tailored to interests and needs of the residents living there. We encourage family and friends to participate, whenever able and collaborate on ideas for future activities and events.

Please check the following calendars regularly as they will be updated monthly: 

Upper Terrace November

Manor November

Lodge November

Lower Terrace November

Inglewood Visitors 

We welcome families to visit residents at Inglewood and kindly ask that if you are not feeling well to stay at home in order to protect the health of our residents.

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What Our Residents Say

  • "This was my first job after graduating from Douglas College; I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already! I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. At Inglewood we have the flexibility to try new things and create different programs. The biggest reason that I have stayed this long, is the team that I work with. We are family! "

    Erika Jacks, Recreation Therapist

  • "I love the place. I came here three years ago from the hospital. I wasn’t walking and now I am walking and feeling 80% better than I was on admission. I realized it’s a beautiful place to live, where Inglewood staff feel like family. If you have to be somewhere for the rest of your life, it is a really good place to be. "

    -Waldemar, Resident